Jarrod Thatcher

ART (Active Release Technique) Specialist and Massage Therapist.
Ballina, Northern Rivers.


Jarrod here. I’m a remedial massage therapist specialising in Active Release Technique. I have a knack for fixing the unfixable and have been helping people with their injuries/soreness for over 7 years.

What is Active release technique?

ART is a patented, state of the art soft tissue system/movement based massage technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves.

Headaches, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, shoulder pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, knee problems, and tennis elbow are just a few of the many conditions that can be resolved quickly and permanently with ART.

These conditions all have one important thing in common: they are often a result of overused muscles.

Massage Therapist Northern Rivers, ART, Remedial Massage, Ballina

Things Jarrod can help:


Massage for Lower back painLower back pain

ART for pain in kneesKnee pain

Shoulder pain

Remedial message for neck painNeck pain

Massage therapist to help headaches and migrainesHeadaches/migraines

Massage Ballina to help Golfer's and Tennis ElbowGolfer’s and Tennis elbow

Jarrod is widely known in NSW as the go to guy when other therapies haven’t worked.

In 2012 while working as a strength coach, Jarrod had an overuse injury of the hip that other ‘specialists’ couldn’t fix. This lead Jarrod to an Active Release Technique (ART) practitioner who was able to resolve the issue when surgery seemed inevitable. Since that day Jarrod knew that’s the path in the fitness industry he wanted to go down and specialised fully in ART.

Since then Jarrod has helped thousands of people get back to their best. Having previously run Lift Performance Centre’s treatment for 3 years, he now runs his own practice from multiple locations across Ballina in the Northern Rivers.


I would like to say thank you.

If it hadn’t been for the two ART sessions I had with you to the relieve my hip pain, one week before my very first half marathon, I would have had to pull out of the race. I am so glad I came to see you, even though I honestly believed that the results of my overtraining could not be fixed in such a short time.

But, the sessions instantly released the tightness, the knots, the soreness and the heavy feeling, and consequently relieved me from the pain so that I was ready for the race.

And I made it, thanks to you. You will see me often because I regularly run myself into trouble, and because I know your ART sessions work for me, and they work quickly.

Thanks again Jarrod, and please don’t go anywhere!

Sabine D’Haeseleer

For a few years I had been experiencing shoulder pain when reaching forward or overhead, to the point where it was starting to affect my day-to-day functioning. Before seeing Jarrod, I had tried many therapies, a couple that had provided temporary relief, but none that had effectively fixed the underlying cause. Using active release technique, Jarrod worked on some adhesions I had in the external rotators of my left shoulder that were catching, reducing range of motion, and causing a lot of pain and discomfort.

He then worked to pull my shoulder and thoracic spine into better alignment. I was completely surprised and thrilled with how quickly I experienced pain relief, and I now have full range of motion in my left shoulder and am completely pain free.

Thanks Jarrod

Rachel Kunonowski

Research scientist/reporter

I was suffering from acute knee pain which meant for me I couldn’t get into the right position for snatch deadlifts which subsequently ended my workout for that day. I booked in to see Jarrod for some ART and after one 30min session I was able to hit the bottom position on my snatch deads the VERY NEXT DAY!

I use ART for every injury I now have and this is just another example of how this technique works. If you’ve tried everything else and still no go, go and see Jarrod he’ll get you moving again.

Jarrad Miller


Jarrod has been instrumental in my recovery. He has great knowledge of my discipline (calisthenics) and tailors his treatment to suit my needs. I came in for help with medial tendinitis of the elbow and he got my strength back after just a single session. His treatment also affected other areas – by releasing tension in muscles I didn’t realise needed work. This resulted in better shoulder mobility, which carried into my gymnastics. Jarrod is that good.

Lewis Healey

Before Jarrod, I struggled for almost 4 years trying to overcome own musculoskeletal issues. Weight training has been my passion for over a decade, and despite being a medical doctor myself, and working with almost every kind of health professional, I didn’t get anywhere with my issues. From the very first session with Jarrod I knew things were going to be different, and after a month of treatments I am amazed at how my body is working. I can perform movements for the first time in my life that until now have literally been impossible for me.

Thank you Jarrod – there was nobody else that could do what you’ve done for me.

Victor Pasternacki

Medical Doctor

I booked in for an ART session with Jarrod because I had injured my neck in the gym doing shoulder raises in 2017. Despite having been lifting for over 8 years when it happened, I was unknowingly training with an imbalance (a weakness in those muscles behind my shoulder blade). Anyways, the pain was so bad I was actually breaking down in tears multiple times a day, I couldn’t not move my neck whatsoever. By divine intervention someone recommended Jarrod to me, and I booked in to see him the following day.

After our first session, my pain was gone. I legitimately couldn’t believe it. Jarrod explained the mechanism of ART to me, basically he worked to release all tension surrounding the injured site, which gave me back 80% of my range of motion in the neck, and the pain went away. The sessions themselves are a little intense (like a deep tissue massage would be), but the relief is immediate.

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Camille Julia


I have been a boxer for 7 Years & had bad knee pain to the point where I could no longer squat or even bend my knee past 90 degrees.

The constant pivoting of my back foot made everything worse. I had seen every kind of knee expert or physio to fix the problem & nothing. Then a friend of mine referred me to see Jarrod & that was the end of that issue. I’m back to boxing & squatting & skipping & to be honest I owe Jarrod big time!

Thanks from LaLa Land Man!

Russell Queay


I started getting treatment off Jarrod a few months ago for a severe neck injury. I would highly recommend his ART treatment as it is very effective. Before I started getting treatment of Jarrod I saw a chiro, physio and finally another ART practitioner but I wasn’t seeing any improvement. I stopped training in the gym all together as the pain was to much.

A couple of sessions with Jarrod I saw a great improvement. I’m finally on my back from my injury that I had for nearly a year. I’m back training in the gym with Jarrod’s guidance and regular treatment.

Simon Fletcher

Real estate agent

I’ve had back pain for 17 years and spent a lot of time and money getting treated by Chiropractors, Osteopaths and physiotherapists and never got results, after 1 session of ART with Jarrod my back pain improved dramatically, it hasn’t felt this good in at least 10 years! after a few more sessions its continuing to improve and the results are lasting!

Jonathan Warren

Virgin Active


If you have any questions about whether or not my treatments are for you. Please contact me.

Currently treating in Ballina, Northern Rivers, NSW.


Ph: 0416-028-150

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